One of the most exciting days of the year is just around the corner, and we couldn't be happier. The sun will be shining, the fireworks will be fire-working, and you bet the lemonade will be pouring.

While we're all preparing for the big day, I'm here to remind you of a list of exciting events, fun tips, and tricks for fourth of july cookouts, BBQs, and more. 


The Neighborhood Shindig

Starting with the most significant event… your local neighborhood cookout! This low-key, invite-only (how did Philip from down the street get in here?) Americanized fiesta of burger & watermelon goodness is too good to miss. 

A quick tip: check your grill before July 4th & properly to ensure it's functioning correctly and always make sure to use the safety precautions. Haven’t touched that propane-guzzling dinosaur-of-a-grill in a good minute? We (and other reputable guides) have found that disconnecting & reconnecting the gas/propane line, or trying a new propane tank typically fixes common problems. Of course, always make sure the gas line is in the “off” position before messing with it. 

Trick: You can take superior photos of the beautiful fireworks by using "long exposure" settings on your phone or camera to create a mesmerizing image. Trust us, your Instagram post will look awesome. 

(Extra) Trick: This Fourth of July event is too important to risk you or your friends being eaten up by bugs. This year, we strongly recommend Murphy’s Naturals line of repellents to mosquito-proof your party. We have both area repellents for the people who don’t want their skin to be touched by anything other than their $50 face lotion, and also personal repellent sprays for the mosquito-candy persons who need extra protection. All of our stuff smells good (and looks pretty good too), only adding to the aroma of a spectacular 4th of July block party.

Macy’s Fourth of July Fireworks Spectacular

Like every year, this July 4th event will be taking place in NYC. Simply gather around the television with your friends and family and enjoy the beautiful fireworks show from the comfort of your own home. This is an excellent option, especially for those that don’t have a tight-knit relationship with the outdoors (no shame!)

A quick tip: Interested in seeing this magnificent display of fire and gunpowder up close and personal? Thankfully, the show is free to attend, and Macy’s has many partners that help provide miles of public viewing space. Or, just watch it on TV. That works too.

Trick: don’t bring lawn chairs, blankets, or large bags to the viewing spaces. Those items will get rejected and the walk of shame back to your car will follow this awkward interaction.


Your Local City/Township 4th of July Extravaganza

Lots of cities and towns will have parades or concerts to celebrate the 4th of July. We recommend checking your local news and community calendars to find out what’s happening near you. 

A quick tip: Make a plan beforehand to avoid any last-minute confusion. Decide where and when you and your friends/family will be gathering to celebrate the Fourth. Spend more time hanging out and less time communicating!

Trick: If you plan on attending a crowded event, we recommend packing a small pack with necessities such as a portable phone charger, sunscreen, bug spray, extra clothing, snacks, and water bottles.

North Carolina Native? If you’re an NC native like us, enjoy the Free Fishing Day on July 4th in any public body of water- no license necessary. 

Or, if you’re interested in a more orthodox 4th of July party, below are some of the most popular events in the state. Make sure to bring along some sunscreen, a portable charger, a water bottle, and some powerful, on-the-go insect repellent (like these balms, wipes, or spray)


So, there you have it! Lets celebrate this Independence Day with joy, pride, and affection for our beautiful country. 

Happy Fourth of July!

- Your pals at Murphy's Naturals


Jennings Ridout