*We protect you too, outdoors.

Murphy’s Naturals is on a mission to do infinite good by prioritizing people and the environment. We passionately strive to help our fellow humans get out there to play, explore, and wonder in our natural world. And we work tirelessly to protect the outdoors—today and tomorrow—by emphasizing purpose alongside profit.


US Navy Veteran and outdoor-lover, Philip Freeman, believed there could be a natural repellent that he and his wife, Pam, could feel good about. At the time, natural repellents were using minuscule amounts of low-quality essential oils that barely warded off mosquitoes. Philip believed that there could be a better standard. So, Philip put on his coveralls, lab glasses, and his signature ball cap and got to work in his home garage. Before long, he had an effective repellent product formulated with essential oils. He launched his company in his garage and named it to honor their dog, Murphy.

Inspired by role models like Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop, Philip envisioned using his new business to make a long-lasting, positive impact on the world.  From its inception, Murphy's Naturals products have been evaluated on the following four core criteria:

People thrive when they can get outside. But let’s face it—if the consequence of doing so is an all-night frenzy of furiously scratching bites all over your arms and legs? Well, we wouldn’t exactly call that “thriving.”* At Murphy’s, we formulate with EPA-approved repellent oils and consult with experts from New Mexico State University to bring you trusted, proven repellents. Because at the end of the day, mosquitoes and ticks pose a serious threat of transmitting dangerous diseases and preventing you from enjoying the outdoors you love. 

*in fact, we'd call that a bottomless pit of despair.

By upping the ante on what goes in our repellents, we not only create products that are superior in performance, but also better for you. We believe in utilizing the highest quality of natural ingredients available to us. By doing so, we not only remove skeptical synthetics (like dyes, fragrances, and gear-damaging chemicals) but we are celebrating what Mother Nature has to offer!

We spend our time and energy exploring, experimenting, and perfecting the practice of “doing good”. After all, what’s the point of knowing about what’s good if you’re not gonna get out there and do it? Every year we put this dedication into action with four company-wide volunteer days. We go out of our way to strategically partner with businesses who treat their stakeholders equitably because at the end of the day we believe that all of our neighbors, near and far, deserve to be treated with respect and appreciation.

We believe that while nature offers infinite possibilities to shape, challenge, and inspire humankind, the “great” outdoors won’t stay “great” forever without the proper care and respect. At Murphy’s Naturals, we are doing our best to protect, nurture, and sustain the planet for the better. Practically, this looks like company-wide compositing, giving 2% of our revenues to conservation efforts, and annually offsetting our plastic output.*

*Plastic, oh, plastic. It's everywhere, like an eager puppy that follows us around. But who needs a loyal companion made out of synthetic polymers, am I right?


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