In the heart of Liberia, in the resilient community of Nyankorlor, a remarkable transformation has taken place.

What was once a struggle for clean water and basic sanitation has now become a story of hope, unity, and sustainable change, thanks to the impactful partnership between Murphy's Naturals and FACE Africa.

In 2022, our journey with FACE Africa began with a simple yet powerful gesture—supplying essential products to the FACE Africa international field team. Little did we know that this initial connection would bloom into something truly transformative. Through generous support from our customer base and our commitment to 1% for the Planet, we were able to provide a grant for FACE Africa's comprehensive WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene) project in Nyankorlor.

The impact of this partnership extends far beyond statistics. The women and girls of this community were responsible for obtaining water. They would have to trek to the nearest source of water, a dirty creek 3 miles away, multiple times a day. Now, with the installation of the well, Nyankorlor's access to clean water has changed lives as residents are only 0.2 miles away. Not only does this free up time for the young girls in the community, but water-borne diseases will no longer be a constant worry. The introduction of toilets in every household, including tailored designs for residents with disabilities, marks a significant step toward health and sanitation. The community, once plagued by water-borne diseases, has experienced an 87% reduction in these illnesses, bringing a newfound sense of security and well-being.

But this transformation isn't just about infrastructure. It's about empowering communities. The WASH Committees, comprised of dedicated women and men, have received training in health, hygiene, finance, and maintenance. These individuals have become champions of change, spreading vital education and ensuring the sustainability of the project.

A Message from Saran Kaba Jones, FACE Africa Founder:

"Your commitment means a brighter future for these families in Liberia. Thanks to your generosity, children, women, and their families now have access to the most vital resource for human life - clean water. But not only clean water! You have secured a much brighter future for this community through sustainable development, which means they can thrive and prosper in their future with the knowledge and skills they learned this year."

Our collaboration with FACE Africa goes beyond the physical changes in Nyankorlor; it embodies the spirit of partnership, dedication, and social responsibility. Together, we've not only provided clean water and sanitation but also nurtured the growth of strong female leaders, ensuring a lasting impact on the community.

Join us in celebrating this achievement and continue being a part of our mission to create waves of change, one community at a time.

Jennings Ridout