Murphy’s Naturals has launched their new holiday brand, Santa’s Naturals. The Murphy’s Naturals team, lead by CEO Philip Freeman, has decided to take their passion for natural products beyond summer and into the holiday season. The team hopes to set a new standard in the holiday market by creating a successful holiday brand that values using clean, all-natural ingredients and impacting their local community.

“With Santa’s Naturals, we want our products to produce that nostalgic feel of the holidays in customers while giving them products they can trust bringing into their homes,” says Freeman.

The focus of the Santa’s Naturals line is to create Christmas candles from simple, clean, and all-natural ingredients. Their motto is to “care about honest labeling so you always know what is in your home over the holidays”. The candles are made out of soy and beeswax blend and fragranced using all-natural essential oils. The team takes careful attention when sourcing the essential oils to ensure that customers will receive products made from the highest quality and wisely sourced ingredients.

In December 2018, the team had a soft launch of Santa’s Naturals Fraser Fir Christmas Candle on With only three weeks left in the holiday season, the Fraser Fir candle sold out three times. This year Santa’s Naturals will be launching additional fragrances, Winter Berry and Snow Fall.

“We are excited to see what Santa’s Naturals has in store for the holiday market and the Raleigh area,” said Freeman.

Santa’s Naturals is passionate about helping the community and making quality natural products for the holiday seasons. If you would like to learn more about Santa’s Naturals or have any questions, you can contact for further assistance.

Murphy’s Naturals was incorporated in 2015 with the mission to celebrate nature and to inspire good through quality natural products. The Raleigh-based small business is a Certified B Corporation and a 1% For the Planet Member dedicating themselves to sustainable impact locally in North Carolina and around the world.


Hart Roberts