Mosquitoes are one of the few nuisances of summertime. This small creature can ruin a beautiful day outdoors. Mosquitoes are attracted to humans because of their ability to smell. When they smell the carbon monoxide that we produce, they bite. To prevent this from happening, grow the following plants in your garden in order to keep these pests away!

Here are our five favorite plants to grow in your garden that pair well with our products:


This easy-to-grow flower will be a colorful addition to your garden! Their scent not only repels mosquitoes, but also rabbits (keep your garden safe). It can also be used as a border plant to help other plants grow. Make sure they get plenty of sun!


Horsemint, commonly known as Bee Balm, is very similar to Citronella in that its scent masks human smell. Bees and butterflies are attracted to this plant (hence the name), so your garden will always be pollinated and lively. Bonus if you live on the coast as it can grow in salty living conditions! 


Not only will your garden look and smell amazing with this herb, but your food will taste delicious as well! Make sure to pick up Murphy’s Mosquito Repellent Balm that uses rosemary as a main ingredient to fight off mosquitoes!  Also, use it when you cook or place it in a cocktail as a garnish.


All types of basil work as a mosquito repellent. Like rosemary, it can be used in your food or drinks too. Try to grow this herb in pots, so that you can keep it in areas where you enjoy relaxing outside.


The smell of fresh lavender will certainly keep mosquitoes away because they hate the smell. You can also use this plant to make your own lavender oil! Another added bonus: it is strong plant and can withstand droughts.

Jennings Ridout
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