Growing up, our founder and CEO, Philip Freeman wanted a natural alternative to protect against mosquitoes on his family farm. He searched for an effective plant-based repellent, but the ones on the market weren’t effective. After noticing that these repellents only contained trace amounts of natural ingredients, he set out on a mission to create an effective formula for plant-based repellents.

1. Sourcing Plant-Based Ingredients

In the early stages of the formulation process, Philip turned to guidance from the EPA’s list of Minimal Risk Pesticide Products that listed active ingredients that were verified to be non-harmful to the environment or people. From a little experimenting in his Raleigh, NC garage, Philip discovered these key essential oils to be the most effective for repelling mosquitoes:

  • Peppermint Oil: a natural insect repellent known for extensive mosquito protection
  • Rosemary Oil:  a natural repellent, particularly effective against mosquitoes that may carry Zika virus
  • Lemongrass Oil: a natural repellent that contains a compound called geraniol that forms naturally in lemongrass to help protect against insects.
  • Citronella Oil: popular and well known natural repellent
  • Cedarwood Oil: a natural insect repellent known for promoting relaxation.

     2. Defying Market Standards

    Unlike a majority of the natural mosquito repellents on the market, Philip knew that the key to an effective natural mosquito repellent was a high concentration of essential oils. The 0.5% or 1% standard on the market wouldn’t cut it for Philip. He wanted Murphy’s Naturals products to go above and beyond so that we could provide the best protection against mosquitoes. That’s why our repellents contain 5-20% of essential oil content.

    Not only did he want to include more powerful repellent oils, he wanted to make sure that Murphy’s Naturals products utilized a blend of natural mosquito repellents. Philip knew that different mosquito species reacted differently to distinct scents, so by formulating a blend of essential oils, our repellent products are able to target a broader spectrum of mosquitoes, including those that carry Zika virus, West Nile virus, and Dengue virus.

    3. Creating a Product that Encourages Life Outdoors

    While it was important for Philip to create an effective repellent formula, he also wanted the blend to smell nice for people to enjoy using. Peppermint was added into the formula at a later stage, so along with its effective repellent properties, it provides a refreshing and cleansing scent to our products. This way, you’re protected from mosquitoes and can relax while you’re at it.

    So, there you have it! Our blend of essential oils is intentionally crafted to enhance the unique repellent properties of each oil. By using high concentrations of each essential oil, our repellents are able to effectively protect you from mosquitoes unlike any other repellent on the market. And through using only plant-based ingredients! Now that’s a great way to Enjoy Life Outdoors!