We understand the detrimental effects plastic has on our environment in the form of pollution both on land and in marine ecosystems, and that is why we are working diligently to reduce and remove unnecessary plastic in our products and packaging. As we continue to innovate by designing plastic out of our products during the early stages of development and removing plastic from current packaging, we are proud to officially be certified as plastic neutral by the leading plastic action platform, rePurpose Global. 

Why plastics are bad: 

  • 91% of plastic is NOT recycled
  • Micro plastics are found in all ecosystems, from ocean floors to the top of mountains. Animals think these small plastic pieces are food and ingest them, which is detrimental to their health and can ultimately lead to our indirect consumption of micro plastics. 
  • Plastics are made with petroleum, which come from fossil fuels. This means they do not biodegrade and can often contain endocrine disruptors that negatively affect health and wellbeing

What does being plastic neutral mean?

Similar to carbon offsetting, plastic offsetting means that for every pound of plastic produced, that same amount of plastic will be collected from the environment. Offsetting is inherently a balancing act that requires detailed calculations of plastic usage both from direct and indirect sources of a business.

What’s the impact?

Our purchase of plastic credits through rePurpose Global will be invested towards various waste management solutions. Some of which will include: 

  • Waste management infrastructure in countries where it is not yet available or developed (India, different countries in Africa, Indonesia, etc.) 
  • Low value plastic recovery 
  • Marine plastic recovery
  • Circular economy innovations

In the end, we ALL do better!