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Meet Our Ambassador: Seth Vernon

Captain Seth can best be described as a passionate sportsman who has never met a stranger, and loves to share his knowledge. Quick with a laugh & professional on the water, you'll be pressed to find a harder working guide, with a more infectious enthusiasm for angling.

Meet Our Ambassador: Dr. Ana-Maria Temple

Our mission at Murphy's is to Celebrate Nature and Inspire Good through Quality Natural Products. We can't do this alone. That is why we're partnering with people who believe these same things and are doing good for people and the planet.

Meet Our Ambassador: Douglas Hurdle

Douglas fell in love with the outdoors as a kid playing in the backyard and exploring the woods behind his house in Maryland. When he moved to North Carolina, he still loved playing and exploring in the outdoors, but now his backyard has no boundaries and is only limited by how far he can travel in a day.

Happy National B Corp Month

It's National B Corp Month and if you're familiar with us, you know that being a certified B Corporation is one of the things we're most proud of.  Not sure what we're talking about?  Click here to find out more about B Corps!  Being a certified B Corp means doing good for the people and planet.

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