We are ecstatic to announce our newest line of Refillable Mosquito Repellent Candles. Our Mosquito Repelling Candle Refills come in an aluminum tin that is curbside recyclable but we need your help to make sure the tin is properly prepped prior to recycling and therefore minimize it's ultimate impact on the environment. Before recycling the tin, it is very important that you remove all remaining wax from the tin. Partially burnt through candles are not recyclable no matter the vessel. Therefore, we put together three easy ways to remove whatever wax remains.


Note: Please ensure that your candle is fully cooled before removing the wax.

1. The Frozen Candle Method:

One of the easiest ways to go about removing candle wax is by throwing your burnt candle in the freezer! The cold temperature causes the wax to harden and shrink making it easier to remove. Place your candle in the freezer for 2-4 hours. Afterward, it should pop right out of the container or become easily loose with a butter knife. Throw remaining wax and burnt wick away. Finally, clean tin with soap and water and recycle.

2. The Hot Water Method

Once your burnt candle has cooled, pour hot water directly into your candle leaving an inch or two at the top. Let sit for 1-2 hours. While you wait, the hot water will melt the wax allowing it to float to the top where it will solidify again. Then you can easily cut through the wax at the top and remove. Fair warning, the water will remain underneath the wax creating potential splash zones for anyone nearby. Remove the burnt wick and throw away with the removed wax. Clean tin with soap and water and recycle.

3. The Savage Method:

The fastest way to go about removing the remaining wax is what we endearingly call "The Savage Method". Simply take a butter knife of sorts and continue to cut at the remaining wax until chunks of wax are created that you can remove. Yes, it's as simple as it sounds. Dispose of wax and wick in the trash. Clean tin with soap and water and recycle.

Lastly... don't forget to replenish your stock of candles! Cost-effective refill candle packs are available online here.

          Jennings Ridout