Ingredients from nature that you know

Andiroba Oil

  • Source: Derived from the fruit and seeds of the Andiroba tree found in the Amazon Rainforest
  • Properties: Anti-inflammatory properties help with pain relief and reduces redness (Natureinbottle)
  •     • Rich in 9 essential fatty acids and Vitamin E that helps moisturize the skin
                  • Supplier Highlight: We source our andiroba oil from 100% Amazonia, a Certified B-Corporation that is woman owned and headquartered in the Amazon Rainforest.


  • Source: Natural wax produced by bees
  • Properties: natural and non-toxic, lasts longer due to a high melting point (HealthyHuemans) 
      •     • Releases negative ions, which cleans air of odors and bacteria - how it works: dust particles in the air carry a positive charge, so when negative ions are released, they can’t suspend themselves and fall to the floor (SilverLakeFarms)


Castor Oil

  • Source: Vegetable oil from castor beans
  • Properties: Anti-inflammatory effects help treat irritated skin (MedicalNewsToday)
      •     • Moisturizing


Cedar Wood Oil/Cedar Oil

  • Source: Derived from cedar trees
  • Properties: Natural insect repellent that’s recognized as a minimum risk pesticide by the US EPA
      •     • Cedar wood oil has a pleasant wood-like scent that can promote feelings of calm and relaxation (Draxe)



  • Source: Derived from the flowers of the chamomile plant
  • Properties: Anti-inflammatory and pain relief (Healthline)
      • • Flavonoids in chamomile fight inflammation and promote healthy skin (Paleohacks)


Citronella Oil

  • Source: Derived from citronella grass
  • Properties: Natural insect repellent
      •     • Antifungal - can fight the growth of certain harmful pathogens (Healthline)
      •     • When inhaled, citronella’s citrusy scent is a natural stress reliever that can help promote relaxation and pleasant memories (Draxe)


Cocoa Seed Butter

  • Source: Vegetable fat that comes from cocoa beans 
  • Properties: Hydrating and nourishing skin (Healthline)


Eucalyptus Oil

  • Source: Oil from the leaf of Eucalyptus trees
  • Properties: Reduces pain and inflammation (Draxe) - when applied topically, can help reduce muscle pain, soreness, and swelling
      •     • Additionally, a 2017 review proved eucalyptus oil to be an effective healing ointment against insect bites, blisters, and more. (Draxe)


Ethyl Alcohol (Ethanol)

  • Source: Derived from the fermentation of corn
  • Properties: Used as a solvent to mix water and oil

• Used in our Hand Sanitizer product

Glycerin (inert ingredient)

  • Source: Natural compound derived from vegetable oils or animal fats
  • Properties: Moisturizing, hydrating
      •     • 2016 found glycerin to be “the most effective humectant” (ability to pull water into the outer layer of skin from deeper levels) (Healthline)


Lavender Oil

  • Source: Derived from the lavender plant
  • Properties: helps relieve insect bites by warding off bacteria (antimicrobial) and reducing inflammation (Healthline)
      •     • Considered one of the best essential oils for relieving tension and reducing stress, it has also been found to improve overall well-being
      •     • Antimicrobial properties helps combat bacteria and fungi to prevent infections (Draxe)


Lemongrass Oil

  • Source: Derived from the lemongrass plant
  • Properties: Natural insect repellent
      •     • High geraniol content that is known to repel bugs - geraniol is a natural chemical compound plants produce to protect themselves from insects (TickRepellent)


Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus

  • Source: An extract from the lemon eucalyptus tree leaves
  • Properties: insect repellent (mosquitoes, ticks, other biting bugs)
      •     • Only natural repellent approved by the CDC to work as effective as DEET
      •     • Approved by the EPA and highly effective at repelling insects due to its high PMD content - the active ingredient
      • Supplier Highlight: We source our OLE from Citrifine - makers of Citriodiol. Citriodiol’s extraction process is sustainable, regenerative, and renewable - the leaves and branches are harvested by locals and new trees are planted once one comes to its end life. Steam from the distillation process is reused in a closed water system and waste leaves are used to fuel the fire boiler and as fertilizer to maintain soil health.


Olive Oil

  • Source: Derived from pressed olives
  • Properties: Moisturizes the skin, nutrients like Vitamin E keep skin balanced and healthy (organicfacts)
      •     • Natural antibacterial properties that can inhibit harmful bacteria growth and anti-inflammatory properties (Healthline)


Peppermint Oil

  • Source: Derived from the peppermint plant - hybrid between water mint and spearmint
  • Properties: Repels bugs naturally
      •     • One study showed that just 0.1mL of peppermint oil applied to the arms protected against mosquitoes for 150 minutes (Draxe)
      •     • Relieves itchiness


Rosemary Oil

  • Source: Derived from the rosemary plant
  • Properties: Helps repel certain blood-sucking insects that can spread harmful viruses and bacteria (Healthline)
      •     • Rosemary oil has been found to be a seriously powerful natural repellent - One study has shown that a 12.5% dilution of rosemary oil repelled 100% of mosquitoes that carry Zika virus for 90 minutes. (Healthline)


Soy Wax

  • Source: Derived from soybeans
  • Properties: Slow burning and cooler burning temperatures = longer lasting candle and gradual diffusion of scent (Livestrong)
      •     • Works well with essential oils

    • Non-toxic and burns clean (in comparison to paraffin candles)

Sunflower Oil

  • Source: Derived from the seed kernels of the sunflower plant
  • Properties: Moisturizes skin, Vitamin E helps trap moisture inside skin and keeps it hydrated for longer periods
      • • Anti-inflammatory helps relieve redness and roughness - Omega-6 acid helps decrease inflammation and helps with development of new skin cells (Bucklersremedy)


Tea Tree Oil

  • Source: Derived from the leaves of the tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) found in Australia
  • Properties: Antiseptic, antifungal, and antiviral (Draxe)
      •     • The natural anti-inflammatory compounds found in tea tree oil can help reduce the itching and swelling that occurs from mosquito bites. One study has found that the size of a mosquito bite significantly decreased after application of tea tree oil. (Ncbi)