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Meet Our Ambassador: Seth Vernon

Meet Our Ambassador: Seth Vernon

Our mission at Murphy's is to Celebrate Nature and Inspire Good through Quality Natural Products. We can't do this alone. That is why we're partnering with people who believe these same things and are doing goof for people and the planet. We sat down with our Ambassadors to go more in-depth on how they like to Enjoy Life Outdoors!™ and how we better equip them to do so!

Meet Captain Seth 

Captain Seth can best be described as a passionate sportsman who has never met a stranger, and loves to share his knowledge. Quick with a laugh & professional on the water, you'll be pressed to find a harder working guide, with a more infectious enthusiasm for angling.

Why Murphy's Naturals? What sets us apart? 

“I recently discovered the Murphy’s Naturals brand of insect repellant products and had the opportunity to put them to the test in the heart of Florida’s Everglades National Park. My friends and I make an annual pilgrimage to the glades in search of Giant tarpon on the fly and the most common complaint in camp is about the intensity and ferocity of the mosquitos in the Park. I could not conceive o a better place to try out the Murphy’s Naturals line of products.”

What's your favorite product? 

“I started with the bug balm and found it effective and refreshing on the skin. Next I applied the spray on my hat, shirt collar and pants legs and feet. On the occasion that I missed a spot on my feet or in the case of one random fire ant bite on my foot I was extremely grateful for the bite balms soothing properties.”

What's your favorite way to Enjoy Life Outdoors? 

“In the evenings swapping stories around the campfire with a bourbon rattler, we lit the insect sticks around our perimeter. Allowing us to enjoy our brief time together in the last great American jungle.”

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