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Meet Our Ambassador: Douglas Hurdle

Meet Our Ambassador: Douglas Hurdle

Our mission at Murphy's is to Celebrate Nature and Inspire Good through Quality Natural Products. We can't do this alone. That is why we're partnering with people who believe these same things and are doing good for people and the planet. We sat down with our ambassadors to go more in-depth on how they like to Enjoy Life Outdoors!™ and how we better equip them to do so!

Meet Douglas

Douglas fell in love with the outdoors as a kid playing in the backyard and exploring the woods behind his house in Maryland. When he moved to North Carolina, he still loved playing and exploring in the outdoors, but now his backyard has no boundaries and is only limited by how far he can travel in a day. He recently completed the Triple Crown -- thru-hiking in entirety the Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail and Continental Divide Trail. Douglas' love for the outdoors combined with his desire to do good for planet makes him a perfect fit for Murphy's!

Why Murphy's Naturals?

"I love working with Murphy's Naturals because they care about what goes into their product which gives me peace of mind when using their products. And being an avid outdoor enthusiast protecting the environment is very important to me and a lot of brands say they care but Murphy's put their money where their mouth is by giving 1% back to the planet."

What's Your Favorite Product? 

"The product I find myself using the most is the Mosquito Repellent Balm it is just so lightweight and compact that you can just throw it in your pack and forget about it."

What's Your Favorite Way To Enjoy Life Outdoors?

"My favorite thing about outdoor activities is that there is a season for everything. So whether it is winter and I find myself ice climbing or skiing or when it is warmer I will be hiking, paddling, mountain biking, or just sitting around a fire with some good friends."

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