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Enjoy Life Outdoors with Kim Hammerstein

Enjoy Life Outdoors with Kim Hammerstein
Our mission at Murphy's Naturals is to celebrate nature and inspire good through quality natural products so you can Enjoy Life Outdoors. It's not only our mission, but the entire Murphy's family eats, breathes, and sleeps this philosophy in their everyday lives.
Meet Kim Hammerstein! She has been working for Murphy’s since 2014, and does the book-keeping for Murphy’s Naturals!

What is your favorite way to enjoy life outdoors?

Doing anything on or near the water…swimming, boating, or just hanging out with a glass of wine and enjoying an ocean or lake view.

Where do you go when you want to take a break from the fast pace of life and work?

To Falls Lake or the Capital Area Greenway System.

Where is your favorite place to take a vacation or where is your dream vacation destination?

Anywhere in the Caribbean!

What does “Doing Others Good” mean to you?

“Doing Others Good” means using available resources which could be time, money, or even just a listening ear to benefit a person or group that may be in need. By doing so, you may have to stop out of your comfort zone, but in the end everyone benefits, and communities are made stronger.

What is your favorite part about Murphy’s Naturals?

I like being part of a company that includes as part of their mission “to  celebrate nature & inspire good.” I also like my sunny work corner and the York Peppermint Patties that Philip gives out.

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